15 celebrities who are synonymous with the beauty of the natural’ without a drop of makeup

Some years ago, to find photos of a celebrity with the clean face was something that only they could achieve the paparazzi. Thereupon, the photo appeared in the journals in which was noted the look that the celebrities had in reality. But, luckily, things have changed: the Internet allows us to get to know our famous favorite with a clean face and without a drop of makeup.

But we’re not going to fool you: not all have posed to the natural as happy. Filters of Instagram, bb creams, illuminators, etc., help to create an effect not makeup that sometimes makes us doubt. In the end, with makeup and without it, the famous of our selection are always beautiful, though some will surprise you.

Chica con cabello rubio platinado

chica usando gafas para visión de color negro

chica con cabello corto y largo al mismo tiempo

4. Alexandra Daddario

chica de ojoz azul aguamarina

chica recostada sobre su cama

6. Bella Hadid

chica con una toalla amarrada en la cabeza

7. Emma Watson

chica usando bifanda a cuadros en color negro y rojo

chica cubriendo su cara del sol

9. Camila Mendes

chica usando ropa oscura

chica bebiendo una taza de café

chica usando traje de baño rojo

12. Lili Reinhart

chica usando bolso atravesado

13. Emma Stone

chica con cabello pelirrojo

14. Vanessa Hudgens

chica con sombra de ojos azul

15. Kendall Jenner

chica modelando