Brooklyn Beckham kiss a girl that is not Chloë Moretz, our heart does not resist it

Chloë Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham became one of the couples most adorable, they stayed together the last two years although they had some breaks and reunions. For the last time their romance was rekindled in September of 2017… but they have not been seen together in recent days, after a few weeks before the seizure of passionately kissing in New York city.

Now, Brooklyn turned to give the press a similar time, only that this opportunity was not in New York… not with Chloë.

Everything pointed to Brooklyn and Chloë kept together

pareja de novios abrazados en un sofá

Despite their constant breakups and comebacks, the couple made us believe that still remained attached; however, this brought an emotional toll to your relationship and it seems that they have now separated.

And now… what Brooklyn has a new love?

pareja de novios besándose

The apprentice of the photographer was captured next to the model of Playboy Lexi Wood, this weekend, and both were in a tattoo parlor in West Hollywood.

This picture only confirmed one thing…

pareja de novios usando ropa casual

The love between Brooklyn and Chloë came to an end. The constant messages of love between the two, in which we promised eternal love, is a thing of the past because you already are almost two months without publications or public statements, there are not even photos of them together at this time. In addition, everything indicates that Brooklyn has already found a new love.