What do the suitcases already?; study reveals that travel makes you happier than to get married and have children

How many times have you felt tempted to leave everything, take your suitcase and go away? Surely at some time you were so overwhelmed that you just serenaba imagine the side of the beach or in a forest in front of a campfire. To travel is to escape the routine and find yourself on the road.

For many, the dream of life is to travel the world, to others, to find the love of your life and have children. But we have to inform you that a study of the portal , Booking, and ensures that travel produces more happiness than to marry and form a family.

What would you prefer: getting married, having a child, or travel?

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Booking conducted a quick survey to 18 thousand inhabitants of various countries. The majority of the participants agreed that the memories of their adventures and plan the next getaway produces more happiness than anything.

A percentage above the average prefer to travel

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The 55 percent of participants prefer to leave the tour to marry; the 27 what you prefer before you find your romantic partner and have a stable job; finally, the 18 you prefer to have a child.

Travel entails new experiences and beautiful moments

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This survey also found that people prefer to invest your money in experiences instead of material items, from jewellery, automobiles, gadgets up to a house. Perhaps the idea of settling down can wait, the youth wants to live in the moment.

So, let’s plan the next destination!

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Happiness is brought about by the thirst to know and explore new places; besides, you can always do it with friends, with partner and with children. Really you should not why choose between one and another. But if you’re looking for joy and emotions, choose a destination and imagine enjoying your next holiday.