13 Types of girls shoes that you love to get creative when creating outfits

The style is something that is built according to your tastes, fads, and passions, and only you know what footwear is best for you. If you prefer something comfortable for walking a lot, if you need support to ankles, a bit of height to look more beautiful, there are many varieties of footwear: for the fashionistas, the students no time to worry about and the free souls of the universe.

It is ideal to have a couple of each, but sometimes you can survive with less. If you are a lover of shoes, surely you know everyone and their varieties. If you think of only that there are sneakers, sandals and boots, you will like to see a couple of styles to increase your collection. Then, the types of shoes that should not miss in any closet.

Chicas usando ballerinas negras lace up falda vestido street style

The ballerinas have a rubber outsole is very thin and flexible, is a footwear staple from childhood to maturity. Its name is give details that present themselves. The more fine and round tip are known as flats, in other parts also call them francesitas. The ones that have laces are lace up (loops). You’ll also find different tips and details, which are what make them so special.

 Sandalias de tacón estilos

The heels always vary, some are more thin as a needle and the other square as the chunky. Have a pair of sandals with heels is a must if you’re a girl who lives in a warm climate. They are very nice for partying and for walking around the city.

3. Stilettos, kitten heels and pumps

Stilettos, kitten heels y pumps estilos

There are too many varieties of high-heeled shoes to explain with only a couple of sentences. The best of so many designs is that you can find the height you want and the shape that best fits your feet. The stilettos are the sexiest with termination on the tip and elongated needle as high heels, and kitten heels are the heels low and comfortable, a classic in order to look stylish without dying in the attempt. The pump are the highest you’ll find.

4. Comfortable sandals floor

Cómodas sandalias de piso

Like the heels, the styles are as diverse as the tastes of each, as the most popular gladiator with strips of leather, some with tassels or feathers, others with crystals. Some has a little bit of heels, others are flat. You can know a little bit more than sandals at this link.

5. Loafers and slippers

Loafers y slippers de color negro rosa y plata en chicas caucasicas street style moda chicas

These are also flat shoes known as moccasins, are of square tip with some details in the edges, or they may end up in a trapeze with a couple of tassels of leather. Version without heel is known as a slipper clutch (slipper). It is a casual shoe that goes great with jeans, some designs have embroidery and it’s amazing the variety you can find.

6. Boots ribbons, up to the knees, high-heeled

Botas de cintas, hasta las rodillas, de tacón

The boots can not miss in any wardrobe, is not only a question of style, it is because they are very useful. To go to the field or the forest are the best friends; in the winter, cover your feet from the rain and the wind. You can leave to relax in the summer. There are so many varieties that you will surely find your favorite.

7. Sneakers or tennis

Chicas con diferentes estilos de tennis slip on converse adidas vaqueros vestido

It is not necessary to explain much about the tennis, as it is the garment most basic that you should dwell in the closet. They are comfortable, easy to clean and there are many varieties. There is running, to high-impact exercises, some more casual, slip on that single slide, and the famous Converse.

chicas usando diferentes tipos de botines

The booties are boots up to the ankles and many times they just say well, boots. There are also many varieties from the cowboys, even those that have heels that are chunky. There are high and low, suede, leather and glitter.

outfits con flatforms chica

It is the link between platforms and flats. Perfect to make you more high, but keeping the comfort. You can find them in different colors and there are issues in the way of a sandal. They go great with everything, regardless of the season.

10. Slippers

pantuflas muy lindas

The slippers are to stay at home, of course. There are so many models from the boots up to the more simple to just put the foot. Many shapes and materials, some of leather other fleece. They can be lovable or sober, are indispensable for the days of marathons of movies.

11. Wedges

Wedges de varios estilos

Platforms wedges start at the highest part of the heel, but continue up to the base of the foot. You can find sandals, as closed shoes, ankle boots, and even tennis.

12. Oxford and Derbys

Zapatos masculinos oxfords derbys y bluchers

Flat shoes and closed that cover the entire upper have names of cities, its past is part of the wardrobe for men. The Oxford are the most well-known and have their origins in Scotland and Ireland, was the shoe of the students, with ribbons and black dots adorning the leather. The Derby are more elongated and do not all have the characteristic stippling of the above. There are other so-called bluchers with tassels instead of laces.

13. Peep toes and mules

 peep toe y mules

The peep toes and mules are heels that have a cutout in the fingers and another on the heel, are the most emblematic of the era of the pin ups. The difference lies in the shape of the shoe, the first are more similar to the slippers, and the latter more closely resemble booties.