15 Movies on Netflix that sure yet, have not seen you; take advantage of your last day of vacation

This is probably your last weekend to relax and see some movies before going back to school, and that the tasks overwhelm again.

If your intention is to make the most of these days, it is best to stay at home, put on pajamas, prepare snacks and enjoy 15 films you probably didn’t know were on Netflix. Some of them are film classics and others are so new that very few have seen.

1. 3096 days

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Based on actual events, tells the story of Natascha. In 1998, when he was just 10 years old, was kidnapped and held captive for a decade by a sick man and dominant.

2. Frank

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Jon is an aspiring musician who only knows how to play some notes, but manages to become a member of a band. The Soronprfbs are fronted by Frank, an eccentric and mysterious character that uses it all the time a head of papier mache.

3. A corpse to survive

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Hank is a castaway who has given up hope of returning home until he stumbles upon a dead body, apparently, has something of life and becomes your friend.

4. Only the lovers survive

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Eve and Adam are two lovers vampires who have quiet lives and have managed to stop to attack humans to get blood. But his balance falters when it comes to Ava to their lives, a girl who has not yet mastered their wild instincts and puts them in difficult situations.

5. The place where everything ends

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Ryan Gosling plays Luke, a motorcycle racer who works doing tricks in a show. In one of the towns you visit know Romina, fall in love and she becomes pregnant. From that, Luke decides to get money for his son, but what makes the bad.

6. Let me enter

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A child who suffers bullying in the school, becomes friend of a young girl peculiar that helps you defend against.

7. Jesus Henry Christ

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Henry is a child genius capable of remembering all that has lived, but has a pending issue: do not know who is his biological father. His mom helps him in this quest and together we are.

8. Blue Jay

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Jim and Amanda are a former spouse who is found by chance in his hometown. After years of not being seen, they decide to catch up over a cup of coffee and then going to the house of Jim, where they connect again and have a regression to their happier times.

9. The double

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This dark story tells the life of a government employee who thinks that he is losing his reason, for a man identical to him, with the same name, begins to work in your building.

10. So strong and so close

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Oskar is a child who loses his father, who was also his best friend, in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Before dying, his dad would cook games to Oskar that he called expeditions. The child finds it among their things, something which he interprets as signs that there is one last game that needs to be done.

11. Labor Day

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Adele, a divorced woman, must raise her son alone for 13 years in the 80’s. He, at his young age, he feels the responsibility of taking care of his mother; everything changes when they meet a man who ends up staying at his house, only to discover that he is a fugitive from justice life changing.

12. Okja

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Paul Dano, Tilda Swinton and Giancarlo Esposito are moving away from their traditional roles to tell a story about revenge, capitalism, and corruption.

13. The space between us

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The story follows a young man who travels from Mars to Earth, and on the way discovers the true meaning of the cosmos and humanity’s place in the universe.

14. You get me

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A young man tricks his girlfriend, and his world begins to crumble.

15. The nice guys

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In 1977, the private detective Holland March and the executor hired Jackson Healy must work together to solve the mysterious case of a young missing.