15 Belts that every girl cool and popular used in the early 2000

At the beginning of the decade of 2000 we sang songs of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera without being able to decide who would be the next queen of pop. The girl it was Paris Hilton , and with them came many fashions that now we give a little bit of worth to others.

During that time the belt was the perfect accessory, there were so many styles that served for any occasion. With pants to the hip, dresses, blouses, strips, string, and uniting all the styles in one. Then, the belts that we use all the fashionistas in the 2000.

1. The ties were in the hip

cinturon corbata del 2000

2. It was possible to have three belts in one

cinturon con tres cinturones 2000 moda

3. The scarf also serves

cinturon bufanda 2000

4. The cleats for girls rude

cinturon de estoperoles

5. The tassels for the bohemian

cinturon con flecos

6. With many eyelets

cinturon con hoyos 2000

7. Could not miss the disc

cinturones de discos 2000

8. The one that had chains decorative

cinturon con cadenitas

9. Use them on the pants was the must

cinturon sobre el pantalon

10. Belts, oversized

cinturón extra grande

11. Or superdelgados

cinturon super delgado del 2000

12. Do you remember the hundreds of dancer Arabic?

cinto de belly dancer

13. Casual when you use the string of your pet

cinturon de cadena

14. The bohemian with strips and embroidery

el cinturon boho

15. Can’t miss that seems to girdle