16 Evidence that the hair peach is the trend with the color more vibrant of the year

The pastel tones are going to be tendency this spring and the hair is no exception. Grey gray and pink we went to the peach, more wash or more intense, and in all the lengths available, but mainly in manes short and medium.

This new trend is very well suited to styles romantic or rockers, and it is very eye-catching, so that will be your best option for this season.

1. The tone in the hair of the moment consists of a mixture of orange and pink

chica usando sueter a rayas

2. Experts in styling, call it blorange

chica con sueter de color negro

3. The idea is that the tone you see discolored and somewhat worn

chica con corte de cabello midi

4. Looks beautiful on any length of hair

chica mirando hacia abajo

5. But it has become the favourite of the manes midi

chica cubriendo uno de sus ojos con el cabello

6. The results vary depending on the amount of each color that is applied

chica sonriendo y con la mirada fija

7. You feel good for all skin types

chica usando suéter delgado en tono gris

8. Especially the yellow

chica modelando un suéter azul

9. Since it provides more light to the face

chica con cabello en tonos naranjas

10. Needless to say that any hairstyle will look fabulous with this color

chica con cabello trenzado

11. And the more you wash your hair, the more you will see your worn effect

chica usando sueter largo en tono gris claro

12. What is orange?, do red?, or, do you rose?

chica con sombra de ojos en tono durazno

13. In reality there are no rules for this trend

chica tomando una selfie

14. So let yourself carried by your imagination

chica usando un crop top oscuro

15. And join the trend for more juicy of the spring

chica con peinado de doble bun

16. With pretty glamour

chica con gafas redondas y claras