20 Garments in which you should invest to your closet; these basics NEVER go from fashion

The fashion changes in the blink of an eye, is a complete recycling of ideas. You don’t need to have a wardrobe huge to be consistent with the trends of the season but only a number of basic garments that are always at the forefront.

The jeans and black dresses never go out of fashion, every year is recycled garments and, especially, accessories. Then you share what are the basic must-haves in your closet. You certainly already have several of them.

1. Do not miss the jeans

chica con jeans

2. Denim shirt

mexclilla power

3. Denim jacket

chica con chaqueta de mexclilla

4. White shirt with buttons

Camisa blanca chica

5. A black skirt elegant

falda negra elegante chica

6. You’ll never miss the t-shirts

chica con tshirt negra

7. Jacket leather black

chica con chamarra de cuero negro

8. A blazer is casual and elegant

chica con blazer blanco

9. Gabardine color camel

trench coat

10. A pashmina or scarf

pashmina chica vestido negro

11. You are never missing the sunglasses

lentes de sol chica guay

12. A bag that you love

bolsa bonita

13. Tennis white

chica con tenis blancos

14. Shoes for flat, comfortable and cute

zapatos de piso oxford

15. Booties that will make you see special

botines vaqueros

16. The classic running shoes red

zapatillas rojas

17. The little black dress


18. A flower dress summer

vestido floreado

19. Shorts and sandals comfortable


20. Dress pants of the cut you like the most

pantalones de vestir