14 Girls who knew how to press the ‘reset button’ in their lives and reached their ideal weight

When a girl decides to change his life, the first step tends to be difficult. But after that the results start to be visible, the motivation, the strength and self-esteem grow as the sea foam.

That’s exactly what these 15 girls lived. And although some of them felt disappointed at some point of the process, never surrendered.

1. Getting to the ideal weight is the dream of many

chica usando vestido color naranja

No more dresses.

2. Whether for reasons of health

chica usando blusa strapless de color rosa

Six years of difference.

3. To look different

chica usnaod vestido color dorado para fiesta de noche

25 kg less in nine months.

4. Or even to feel better about themselves

chicas usando blusas de color turqueza

If you really want to, you can do it!

5. Take the first step can be difficult

chica usando pantalón de mezclilla roto

Training days become weeks, and weeks into months. You can make great progress, although it will take time.

6. Sometimes it’s maddening not to see fast results

chica usando un vestido ajustado de color rosa gold

It weighed more than 270 kg before participating in a program about weight loss. The result was incredible.

7. But the constant effort to yield results

chica usando ropa deportiva de color fuscia

I took up the malnutrition, thinking that if he was sufficiently slender I would love myself. Now I know that was wrong, and my new body I like it a lot more.

8. That will change your life completely

chica sonriendo

The difference is a year, I just want to show people that it is possible to be cured of anorexia, if you do not give up.

9. Filling them of self-love

chic usando traje de baño negro

I ended up refusing even to drink water and as a result I had to be taken to the hospital, he weighed only 37 kg But I am now healthy and happy.

10. Helping them to redescubirse themselves

chica antes y después de subir de peso

It took Me four months of constant training to regain a normal weight.

11. It does not matter if the change is small or large

chica usando anteojos con aumento

Three years ago, I changed my life. Not strange for nothing my glasses or 60 kg more.

12. It will be the result of your battle

chica con el cabello trenzado

It was not easy, but it was not impossible.

13. Of your daily effort

mujer usando ropa holgada

In 2015, I was diagnosed with diabetes, and since then I have tried to lose weight and control the level of sugar in the blood. I could do this!

14. And a process that will lead to personal success

chica usando ropa deportiva color amarillo

I wore the same clothes so that the progress was more noticeable.