19 Images that show the evolution of galanura in Robert Downey Jr

Robert John Downey, Jr. is a gentleman comparable to the good wine: better when the years go by. He began his career as an actor at the age of five, has shot more than 60 films and we are still sighing with him.

Many had the pleasure of knowing him as Iron Man and we fell rendered with their clever comments filled with black humor. Other girls had already seen his galanura in other films recognized. Even so, we decided to prepare a selection of images to appreciate the evolution of this gentleman.

1. In the 80’s fell in love the girls with your attitude

robert downey jr en los años 80's

2. With that expression, seductive, who would not sigh to see him?

robert downey jr 1980s

3. It was the feeling on Saturday Night Live

Robert Downey Jr. en Saturday Night Live

4. lf

robert downey jr guapo 1983 weird science

5. Already from a young age, he was going to wonder the beard

robert downey jr joven sensual

6. His role in Chaplin in 1992 he was nominated to the Golden Globes and the Oscar

robert downey jr chaplin

7. At the beginning of the nineties lucia fresh and amazing

robert downey jr 1991

8. In Restoration wears a wig with a lot of style

robert-downey-jr restoration

9. But it looks more handsome with short hair

robert downey jr one night stand

10. In 2004, surprised us with his musical ability and his first album, The Futurist

robert-downey-jr piano

11. After we saw him as the man of iron

iron-man robert downey jr

12. There was No turning back because we fell in love

robert downey jr sensual

13. One day you can be Sherlock Holmes

robert downey jr sherlock holmes

14. Or an eccentric millionaire

iron man robert downey jr

15. But he is always a gentleman seducer

robert downey jr

16. With a torso perfectly sculpted

robert downey jr torso

17. But above all with his sense of humor

robert downey jr

18. Has experience to spare in the matter of seduction


19. Robert meets 53-year-old pura guapura

robert downey jr