15 Radical hair cuts to those who only dare girls MORE risky

The hair is a very important issue because it reflects a part of your personality. You may prefer to have a long mane brushed, a median cut to be comfortable or to be a girl chameleon. These last can say bye bye to your hair and get a pixie after an event that changed his life. Some choose hair, skinheads and styles platinum plated that reflect the radical of your person.

Wear your hair almost shaved requires a homeland security very large, it is for girls daring to say goodbye to the stereotype of a long hair. For others this is not taboo and can be raparse a side, get mohawks because they are free souls who have no fear of the radical cuts. Perhaps you’re one of them, a person who is not afraid raparse, dye or wear a style trendy. Our gallery of styles will give you a couple of ideas for your next cut.

1. A crown of curls with cuts to the sides

Chica cabello corto coper piel blanca

2. Dare to use a very light blonde and with bangs

cabello corto blonde

3. A touch of color to your mohawk

cabello corto ideas mohawk azul

4. A cut to zero for the more daring

cabello corto ideas rapado

5. The classic cut of Twiggy

Ideas cabello corto castaño emma watson pixie

6. A curl coquettishly to the front

cabello corto de cazuelita castaño mujer ideas

7. A bit of red for added impact

ideas cabello trendy rapado rojo

8. Waves gold coronen your forehead

fleco largo curly blond

9. You can give it that unique twist with a braid

cabello corto con una trenza y un lado más largo

10. An undercut in order to maintain your mane

cabello corto morado con rayos violetas

11. It can be a style tousled

lily collins cabello corto castaño

12. A tassel lilac cotton candy

violet pastel cabello corto

13. Waves of baby style years 20

chica cabello corto castaño ondas

14. A pixie natural

cabello pixie de peter pan

15. A long side and another to rape

cabello corto rapado de un lado y melena larga del otro