8 Small ‘trauma’ that you develop after spending quite a long time single

To find a special person with whom you can share your time and your dreams can be tricky, especially when so much time has passed since you finished your last relationship, and not because it is a difficult task, but because your brain will play some jokes.

And is that the more time that passes since you and your ex took different directions, will it cost more to work out on to the street to flirting, now that you have developed some traumas that make life impossible. These are some of the thoughts that go through your head when you’ve been on the side of singleness for too long.

1. You think that because you lost the ability of flirting

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Although you have not ceased to be the girl charming and fun that I used to go to bars with their friends, perhaps it is not as simple as before. You just need to have more confidence in yourself and return to the arena.

2. Swear that no one wants to go out with you

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This is completely false, but it is normal that after a time alone, you start to believe that you have the fault that nobody wants to spend time with you. Eliminates those fears, and let come what has to go.

3. You feel the person MORE boring

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You might think that your topics of conversation bored the other or that you are just not funny, but it is not so. Just let know you as you really are.

4. You get to think you’re not as pretty as you thought

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Every time you look in the mirror you have the feeling of not being so attractive, your self-esteem is at a low ebb and you begin to autoflagelarte with words of discouragement. But it is your mind that is saying this, it is not the reality. Stop feeling well and appreciates who you are and what you have.

5. You feel misunderstood

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Of course there are many people who are going through the same situation as you and know what it feels like. That is why you have to get up and realize that everything happens for a reason.

6. You think you have a problem

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When you spend too much time in solitude, you begin to believe that you are the problem and that others think you’re crazy; therefore, the boys take you out the back. The best thing is you get that thought of your head once and for all.

7. The intimacy in the bed again is a problem

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You think you’ve lost the ability to satisfy your partner. Nothing could be farther from the reality.

8. You’re “safe” that no one will want to

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Spend a lot of time without a boyfriend has made you believe that you never meet someone to love you. But to do so you need to stop crying and go out into the world. Everything comes when it has to, so don’t despair. He smiles, because that attracts the glances and the looks is born the love.