15 Designs of manicure is SO original that to your technique in nails will want to copiarte

If you are one of those girls that painted nails soloists in your home is a challenge, because you’re rarely are couples, and you end up wasting more enamel than you would have liked, friend, officially you are one of mine. It is for this reason that I will give you the best advice: stop buying polishes and best invest in to find a specialist in nail art – header.

Yes, finding a girl with talent and creativity to achieve great designs, and without hurting or damaging your type of nail, sadly it takes time, you may even touch you a couple of bad experiences in the process (I hope I you’re reading, Salma), but on the day that you give with the right one, your way of showing off your uñitas changes. It is then when you can finally get your art in nails and say to him: “friend, I want THIS design”. Here below I leave you 15 superlindos that even the girl that you decorate and arrange the nails you’ll want to copiarte when you finish them.

1. There are nail designs that are hard to forget

Manicura de uñas color azul turquesa y mármol

2. Some accounts of nail art have become our bible

manicura de uñas con colores azul marino y rosa

3. Their creators are real artists

manicura blanca con figuras negras

4. They can surprise us with something simple but full of originality

manicura de uñas color rojo con corazones

5. Sometimes your choice of colors you can talk about your state of mind

manicura de uñas con diseño de televisor

6. Your style says everything about your personality

Manicura uñas blancas con cuadros de colores

7. Whether you like feminine and chic

manicura de uñas con colores rosa y negro

8. Or if you are much more attracted by something new and different

manicura de uñas con figuras geométricas grises

9. For example these nails with an air of futuristic

manicura de uñas negras con piedras doradas

10. No one allowed to pass unnoticed those details

manicura de uñas con puntas de corazón

11. That’s why these ideas of manicure are our favorite

Uñas de color rosa con brillo iridiscente

12. The design holographic is still trend

13. It can be something that can be combined with geometric designs

manicura de uñas con diseño blanco y negro

14. Or something so cute for the summer

uñas con puntos de colores

15. Do you list to visit your specialist in nail art?

manicura de uñas negras con piedras doradas