The Weeknd loved both Selena Gomez who nearly donated his kidney when she needed it

The life of Selena Gomez has given a lot to talk about, because in addition to news about his career as a singer and actress, her private life has been very much commented on. In 2015 revealed that I had lupus, and in 2017 he underwent a kidney transplant, which was donated by her friend Francia Raisa.

That same year, we was amazed by his rupture with The Weeknd, with whom he had 10 months of relationship, and to that he added his immediate reconciliation with Justin Bieber. Now fans are speculating and think that The Weeknd gave his kidney before it ended, due to a song and to the comments of a mysterious source.

The Weeknd, is a possible donor?

Selena y The Weeknd

A source close to the singer revealed:

When Selena discovered that she definitely needed the kidney transplant, at the beginning he was scared. However, Abel (The Weeknd) was supporting it fully to Selena, and he immediately said that if it was compatible I’d be totally willing to donate one of their kidneys. And he meant it, because he really loved Selena, and was willing to do anything for her.

Sadly they were not compatible

Abel investigated the process and even was subjected to the test, but it was not compatible. Fortunately, France coincided very shortly after, so it was a great relief. But that is what really angered Abel when they were separated, he was willing to give his kidney to Selena, he was there for her completely, but then ended up traicionándolo and coming back with Justin again, just to add even more salt to the wound.

My Dear Melancholy

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The Weekend premiered his new EP titled My Dear Melancholy; the song called Call Out My Name has a couple of lines that seem to be written for Selena:

We found each other
I have helped to leave one place broken
you gave me comfort
but fall in your way was my error

It could be for anyone, but the lines point to the contrary

tuits sobre the weeknd y selena gomez

To continue with the letter, the fans were flabbergasted with the following snippet:

I said that I didn’t feel anything, honey, but I lied
I almost short you a piece of my life for you

The song, “almost cut a piece”, it’s easy to speculate that it is the kidney transplant, at the end of the day, it was better to not be compatible. For the moment we can only enjoy the EP of The Weeknd and go on speculating.