15 Looks with shadows that are much better girls with brown skin

The brown skin is simply beautiful, has a gloss of copper when it is kissed by the sun, but if you abuse the illuminator who makes it shines more than any other girl. The shades vary from caramel to chocolate with milk.

The best thing about having cinnamon skin is that the imperfections are noticeable less, the warm tones enhance the beauty and the cold show to a girl that is exotic, that came from distant lands. Below we give you some options to highlight the beauty of your being at the time of making-up your eyes.

1. Take advantage of the pink to highlight the brightness of your skin

Rihanna maquillaje rosado para piel morena

2. Adds a touch of colour to your tear ducts

Maquillaje de ojos para morenas, sombra cafe y resaltador amarillo

3. The basic ones are the metallic colors such as copper and silver

Maquillaje de ojos para morenas con cobre y resaltador plata

4. Let the golden bathe your skin

maquillaje para morenas con mucho iluminador

5. Don’t be afraid of the blue tones because you are great

maquillaje de ojos para morenas beyonce sombra azul

6. The ochres, browns and golds are your best friends

maquillaje para morenas

7. Test a little bit of yellow, like Zendaya

maquillaje para morenas zendaya

8. Do you think a pale pink contrasted with a wine color

maquillaje verde para pieles morenas

9. A delineated bluish with the tips in white

maquillaje de ojos para morenas delineador azul

10. Remember rizarte very well the tabs

maquillaje de ojos para chicas morenas

11. The oranges also you are going to wonder

maquillaje de ojos para morenas vanessa hudgens

12. The light colors highlight the beauty of your skin

maquillaje de ojos para morenas

13. Don’t be afraid of the cat eye, just remember to highlight the cheeks with an illuminator gold

cat eye para chicas morenas

14. The glitter will give you that extra when you go party

maquillaje para chicas morenas

15. Sign up to the warm tones and you’ll look gorgeous

maquillaje para morenas demi lovato