10 Truths you deserve to know if this is the first time that you fall in love

Can occur when you are very young, or maybe when you already have some years, but all of us have the time comes to know the love at some stage of our lives. It is an experience that will forever change the way you see things, so that when it does happen, just enjoy and feel the ups and downs that entails.

The first love is something memorable that will give you many beautiful moments and others that will not be so pleasant. The following is a list of truths that no one told you about your first relationship and that you have to take into account before entering in the world of couples.

1. Do not go so fast

pareja corriendo por la calle

Maybe you’re excited to have found the purpose to a person who makes you feel special and you want the whole world to know your joy, but it is best to go slowly and let things flow.

2. Will be dating until you both know

pareja con globos

Have been dating for a couple of months and you think you are already in a relationship, but maybe he does not think so. Wait until you ask the question and if you’re dying of wanting to know his status, then speak directly with him so that everything is clear.

3. The first appointment will be very strange

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Both will be very nervous and will not know how to act or what to say, so just try to relax and understand that it is part of a process.

4. The first kiss can be very uncomfortable

el primer beso

And it is that none of the two know what time it will occur or how to do it, but when you pass you will feel in the clouds, so enjoy it.

5. Maybe your gifts are not so cute

el primer amor

In this first stage of love, both are learning, do not know a lot about your tastes and maybe the gifts are horrendous, but only by the fact that his own will worship.

6. Many will give you tips

amigas en un restaurante

Just listen to what they have to say, remember, they are from his point of view. Some will tell you that love stinks, other that everything requires time, but the most important thing is that you can live the experience because what you have is different from the rest of the stories of love.

7. There will be fights

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Not everything can be perfect, so just understand that on some occasions there will be conflicts between the two. This does not mean that you no longer want, so don’t do dramas, and better talk with him before taking decisions.

8. You want to go very fast

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And it is normal that you want all your contacts from Facebook, your family and friends know that you’re in love with, but before you brag about how perfect your relationship, take the opportunity to get to know him better and discover if in fact they are so compatible.

9. Maybe your friends feel some jealousy

friends rachel celosa

Although it is normal for your friends to feel a little displaced by the arrival of this individual’s strange, it’s not okay to try to make you feel bad because you’ve decided to give the opportunity to someone to be by your side.

10. It hurts when you break your heart

chica acostada en su cama triste

It may happen that after a time, short or long, your boy will think that you are not what he needs and decide to take the flight. For no reason believe that you’re not worth the grief or that you don’t deserve to know the love, or what many will tell you about that all men are equal. It is best to appreciate the experience and let it pass over your grief. Very soon you will meet someone else who is willing to give you all the love that you deserve. After all, it was your first love and all we’ve been through this bittersweet experience.