15 Tips on makeup that you may want to include in your beauty routine

All girls like to look beautiful and highlight your beauty, so it is always necessary to have a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and some make-up products; to raise a bit the lashes, to give them a blush to the cheeks and feel like princesses. No matter if you’re an artist, make-up, some tricks can make you an expert in accentuate your attributes.

A simple tip can save you hours and solve a problem in a simple way. How many times you’ve stained your eyelids with mascara just when the shadows you were flawless? Many or few, it is stressful to clean up everything and start over, but don’t have to be that way! There is a trick that helps you solve this dilemma and not only that, but other more.

1. Your palette is disappointing

sombra blanca primero

Sometimes you get new products and when you open them don’t turn out as expected. If you purchased a few shadows and new are file, split and the pigment is very poor, do not worry, you can still save them. You will need to apply a shade in cream-white colour before you put the tones that you purchased for you to jump and look brighter, but above all to set on your eyelid.

2. Your lashes are rebels

rizador termico

If you have already tried with a spoon and enchinadores of different brands, it might be time to try a curler heat. It is special to not hurt your eyelashes and it is easier to leave them in place.

3. How to clean stains of mascara

limpiar manchas de rimel

It is terrible when spotting your shadow when you put mascara on, when that happens wait for the paint dries, take a cotton swab, wipe it off with patience; to finish, touch up the space that was cleared.

4. Fades away your imperfections

mantente hidratada

An excellent remedy for reducing the appearance of pimples and blackheads is to keep you hydrated. Remember to drink water daily, avoid sugary drinks like sodas and packaged juices. The appearance and texture of your skin will improve significantly.

5. The lip liner ideal exists

delineador trasparente de labios

If you want to give it a look thicker to your lips, will always need a good eyeliner. An excellent idea is to acquire one transparent and universal to be able to apply it with any tone of lipstick; in addition, it helps your lip fade away to secure it better to your mouth.

6. Learn how to identify your traits

tipos de cara

To know what makeup you have left and what is not, it is good to know the types of traits that you have, the shape of your face, eyes, nose, and lips, as well as to what station you belong according to the color of your skin, eyes and hair. So you’ll be able to find the types of colors and applications that highlight your natural beauty.

7. Do you have dry skin and your foundation is cracked?


If your skin tends to dry out frequently, it is necessary that you stay hydrated. You should look for a make-up base whose formula is more wet and shiny. It should be fixed and be very light, the product should be applied by gently pressing the skin to penetrate and hydrate.

8. The trick of the mirror

El truco del espejo

At the time of get the eyeliner looks down and not the front. Place a hand mirror a bit further down your face and píntate looking forward to it, so your lashes will not interfere with your line and when you see ahead of you.

9. Adds spaciousness

cejas altas

The height of the eyebrows highlights directly in all the eye makeup. An angle more open, without exaggeration, will make your eyes look bigger and awake. Apply white pencil or a lighter shade beneath the brows and blend well with the base.

10. Does your outline is somewhat irregular?

Cuando te equivoques con el delineado

If your outline was a little cracked or with imperfections, you can disguise them with a shadow to blend and give an effect lush.

11. Another tip to avoid tabs grumosas

doble capa de mascara

Just wait between the applications of mask; let the first coat of paint to settle on your lashes and gives the second after it dries.

12. Use the same brush with two different colors

esponja limpiadora de pinceles

When you want to use the same brush for two different colors of shade, you must clean it before so as not to contaminate the other color; the sponges, cleansers remove the excess powders and lipsticks without the need of wetting your brushes.

13. Learn how to highlight your eyes

maquillaje para resaltar

Sometimes it is necessary to alargarlos; other times, give them the form of almonds or make them look larger. A shadow in the inner corner of the eyes opens them to look awake; to highlight the brow also.

14. The tip of the spoon

cuchara para rimmel

Avoid stain your shadows with mascara with a spoon to cover your eyelid against the line of your lashes; apply mascara as usual.

15. Prevents the neck of another color

maquillaje de cuello

To choose a foundation that does not make you look like a vampire from Twilight or a mask japanese, choose your make-up base according to the coloration of your neck. Also try lowering your base up to where asomará, this prevents the hard line where it cuts the makeup.