8 Small changes in your hair that will make you ask: ‘hey, But what did you get?!

This is one of the many truths that guys will never understand about women, and our ongoing obsession with our hair: the constant need of renewal. To girls that wear the short hair thing is a little easier; renew the court frequently grants them a certain air of freshness. But we average mane or mane long we may be stuck in the routine.

How to renew the long hair without losing it? With that question in mind, we consulted the advice of experts and we developed this practical guide that will help you to get a new style without the use of scissors.

1. Slightly change your color for a lighter tone

chica de cabello rubio sonriendo

A shade lighter or dark to your hair as you wish. Only prevents fading it at the end because you could damage it.

2. Dare to use a balayage

chica con cabello largo de colores

In shades of ombre, gray, colorful or as you like.

3. Give him more standing volume

chica con cabello rizado

A permanent is the best option if you want to give a drastic change to your look. Get it with the help of a professional.

4. Straightening with keratin

chica con cabello liso

Keratin is a protein that naturally nourishes and rebuilds all hair types.

5. Learn how to make a different hairstyle that you’ve never tried

chica tomándose una selfie

Change your look of always; you can do something that does not involve products on your hair, but leagues and brooches.

6. A pinch straight machine

chica de perfil cabello corto al hombro

It sounds basic, but to change the end of your ends with a trim it completely straight-it will change your look completely, even more so if you take it straight.

7. I bet for a fringe!

chica usando un flequillo

According to experts, the fringe is all kinds of face, plus they will make you look younger.

8. Changes the line side during a time

chica recargada en una camioneta

This is the trick most simple, practical, easy and inexpensive that you will find. If you use your line in the middle do it from the side or if you make it to the left tries to the right.