15 Moments that you live when you travel, and you’re picky with the food

It is true, travelling helps to comfort the soul and renew our body, in addition to get to know different civilizations and expand the culture. Each trip is a memorable and invaluable that will help you grow. But not all people travel the same or have the same experience.

There are girls who suffer from one of the most important topics when they are away from home: the food! Not all of them fall well to try the dishes of the restaurants or like some ingredients. If you are of this type, surely you will feel identified with these difficult situations.

1. You afraid to be ill with the food

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2. You like to pack different medications if questions

chica quisquillosa de viaje

3. The menu of the tours cause you anxiety

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4. You carry snacks in your backpack if you don’t like anything

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5. The people you meet on the tours you judge

chica quisquillosa de viaje

6. You have to give many explanations, and that will bother you

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7. You are afraid that the waiters spit in your plate

chica quisquillosa de viaje

8. Always ask for the same dish to avoid surprises

chica quisquillosa de viaje

9. Have you tried to get out of your comfort zone, but it has been a nightmare

chica quisquillosa de viaje

10. You have repented of spending your money on food that you don’t like

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11. And even has made you feel sick to the stomach

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12. Have you had to apologize for your eating habits

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13. Have you felt embarrassed by being you

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14. You’re tired of explaining why you don’t like some ingredients

chica quisquillosa de viaje

15. But it has helped me to be understanding with others