He fulfilled the last wish of his grandfather and he did not cry at all; he wanted to see her in a wedding dress

There are people who would give anything to see a loved one happy, regardless of the price they could pay, or the crazy things that they would have to make; Fu Xuewei is the proof of it. The girl grew up by the side of your grandparents, that’s why their priority has always been to make them feel proud and happy. Unfortunately, the grandfather of Fu fell sick and asked him to fulfill a last wish before you die and she accepted immediately.

His grandfather had always dreamed of seeing her in a wedding dress and deliver it to the man that she loved; for this reason, the entrepreneur, agreed to do a photo session for her grandfather. Were wedding photos very typical and lovely, but lacked a very important element: the groom. In fact, she doesn’t have a boyfriend, that’s why the only people who appear are she and her grandfather of 87 years.

Fu Xuewei was raised by her grandparents

Chica festejando su cumpleaños junto a sus abuelos

When I was 10 years old her parents divorced and she went to live with his grandparents, and since then they share a very special bond. He insists on taking care of them and make them feel proud and happy.

Even has a tattoo of his grandfather

Chica con el tatuaje de su abuelo en el brazo

I did the tattoo because I want that in the future my new friends and my children know what aspect was my grandfather.

Unfortunately, his grandfather became ill

Chica alimentando a su abuelo en el hospital

The man is very sick for months and the doctors say could die at any time. So Fu decided to give the gift more beautiful that anyone could make.

Xuewei wore the bride to fulfill his last wish

Chica vestida de novia posado junto a su abuelo

Even if you do not plan to marry soon, yes I wanted to give their grandfather the gift of seeing her in a wedding dress before it was too late. Hired a photography service and kept everything in secret; when the day of the session arrived, he brought his grandfather to the hospital and after he said that both would take some pictures.

Organized a session beautiful

Chica vestida de novia posado junto a su abuelo

Xuewei spent 475 dollars for having a photo session with his grandfather, rented a wedding dress and he a smart suit color wine.

Both walked towards the altar

Chica vestida de novia posado junto a su abuelo

The session wedding he let the man fulfill his dream of driving his beloved granddaughter to the altar.

Both are embraced in the most tender

Chica vestida de novia abrazando a su abuelo

Fu says that the illness of her grandfather has made her see life in another way, that is why I want to treasure every moment we spend together.

This was the act of pure love

Chica caminando junto a su abuelo vestida de novia

For Fu, it was the most selfless and nice that you could have done by his grandfather. This way you can remember it throughout his life.