10 Habits to show off breasts that are extra-firm and sensual… Without going under the knife

The form, appearance and health of your breasts can be seen altered by daily habits. A research conducted by Jonette Keri, dermatologist University of Miami, says that smoking chronically reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the skin, which accelerates the process of cell death that results in sagging and stretch marks in the chest.

For some girls care for their breasts is limited to the use of lingerie, but there are other ways to give them the attention they deserve.

1. Massage

chica en una sesión de masajes

Get regular massages on the breasts while bathing or changing helps to activate the lymph flow and circulation in the breast tissue. You have to start with a smooth motion in the underarm and go towards the breasts. Ends by pressing the nipple gently.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

chica comiendo ensalada de verduras

Women with overweight and obesity have double the risk of developing breast cancer compared with those who maintain a healthy weight and stable.

If you are already in an ideal weight only adds to your diet foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, for example, orange, strawberry, and green vegetables such as spinach.

3. Practice a bit of exercise

chica practicando yoga

Regular exercise helps to keep the lymphatic system present obstructions and reduces the risk of cancer between 20 and 80 percent.

Lifting moderate weights, pilates and swimming will help you to keep your muscles strong, including your breasts.

4. Avoid alcohol

chica bebiendo vino

The alcohol dries your skin, especially when consumed in excess, which makes it prone to your breasts to the creation of stretch marks.

5. Drink as much water as you can

chica tomando agua de coco

It is vital that you hidrates constantly, drink at least two litres of natural water. Remember that tea or coffee does not come as part of the consumption of fluids necessary for your body.

6. Take care of your posture

chica sentada en un asiento de camión

It is essential that your breasts will remain firm and beautiful, so keep your back always straight.

7. Sleep comfortably

chica dormida en su recamara

Sleep in a position that does not compress your bust. Perhaps the best stance is to the side.

8. Dodging the rays of the sun

chica en la playa tomando el sol

Apply daily a sunscreen; the skin of the bust is extremely sensitive.

9. Select the garment correct

bralettes de colores

Choose a bra suitable to the shape of your body and the type of activities you do. Remember that the letter refers to the size of your breasts and the number of the back.

10. Pamper yourself in the shower

chica en la ducha de agua fría

Tone your chest with cold water showers, avoid hot water, which weakens the tissues of this area of the body.