15 Ideas of decoration with which to remodel your room will be your weekend project

It is important that the space where you live to bring you peace and serenity, no matter if it is with your parents, friends or partner. The quality of the environment where you eat, rest and spend your time have an impact on your life. If your wall is blue will give you serenity, if it is red you get energy, if it is white it will seem peaceful, but you may need a touch of color.

Sometimes you don’t have to invest much to give it a change to a place, just put hands to the work, and give free rein to your imagination, a couple of plants, pictures, add lights. You can get a special touch in your room, the study or the living room. We’ll give you some ideas for you to renew those spaces in your home that need a touch of home and creative.

1. Can you imagine the spring in your living room? Looks beautiful

Flores en la sala decoracion de interiores

2. A couple of pallets, a ladder, an old and a coat of paint

Ideas de decoracion cuarto blanco palette

3. Improvise a wardrobe for your garments preferred

ideas de decoracion opciones de guardarropa

4. Plants give a homey touch to your room

ideas de decoración

5. For the girls who love the starry sky

ideas de decoración

6. A little elegance to store your jewelry

ideas de decoración

7. A blanket, photos, and memories make a difference

ideas de decoración

8. Give it a little of glamour to your dressing table

ideas de decoración

9. The most effective combination is white and black

decoraciones para el hogar

10. A space of relaxation in your life

ideas de decoracion

11. You only need your best moments and hooks on clothing

ideas de decoracion

12. Give a twist to the place with a couple of christmas lights

ideas de decoración

13. Place phrases with pretty illustrations and minimalist

ideas de decoración de interiores

14. Reuse a pallet to hang some plants and candles

ideas de decoracion de interiores

15. A beautiful box of flowers as a header

 decoraciones de habitacion