I trend bridal! Change your engagement ring for a piercing of diamonds embedded

Who has not done crazy for love? Sure that all, or almost all. But this latest craze that sweeps the Internet seems to be the force of reality. This is the well-known finger piercing, which consists in drilling your finger to place a precious stone.

These jewels are replacing the classic engagement ring, as the perforation is made in the ring finger as a sign of love to the couple, and although it may be cute at first sight, it has serious consequences.

The piercing finger is replacing the engagement rings

Mano de mujer con piedras preciosas

They say that the true beauty of weddings is hidden in the small details, but there are those who took too seriously this phrase and are opting for a detail exotic: getting a piercing on the ring finger to replace the ring of commitment.

Although the trend of piercing your fingers is not new, has been increasing dramatically due to its popularity in Instagram and Pinterest.

But it must be done by experts

mano de mujer con piedras preciosas de joyería

To perform this piercing requires two pieces: a flat plate that is placed under the skin and a piece of jewelry interchangeable that is put on the surface.

But if the piercing is not done in a profound way, the piece will begin to move, and if it is nearly surface will begin to incarnate on the zone that has been drilled.

It could be the trend the more dangerous of the decade

mano de mujer con piercing en el dedo

Doctors warn that a piercing on the finger, implies a time of healing that could take up to a year, in which you must be careful not to snag on anything, clean the area so as not to infect; otherwise, it could have consequences that range from a small infection to the possible amputation of the finger.