10 Attitudes to dire in a boyfriend that make us say: ‘hasta la vista, baby’

How many times have we heard to say to the guys that don’t understand women? It is really annoying that scream to the four winds and make us feel bad for being as we are, when in reality they are the ones who do not know what they want and have us guessing.

Perhaps you have also come to the point of feeling sick and tired of their constant mood changes and his way of dealing with this situation. If yes, then you will understand perfectly the following attitudes of men that we have tired.

1. To create more smart

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Be men, not gives them the superpower to have all the answers and know everything, so they should stop thinking that their opinions count more than ours.

2. Do the offended

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Sometimes we make a comment in jest and take it too personal. If they don’t hold up, then do not take.

3. There are retailers

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The girls try to treat them well all the time, we buy that which we think that is more to your liking and we give them all kinds of surprises. But they are not reciprocal. Ah! but they get angry when we don’t.

4. We use it only to meet your needs

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Never are aware of us, even go days without that we become aware of them. But at the moment they feel a little hot, then they start with their ministry. Obviously, if you tell them you don’t get upset and you stop talking.

5. They think that we are safe

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Just because we’re leaving doesn’t mean we are his property and no matter how badly they make us feel, we will always be available to them. Of course not!

6. That is not decide to


One day they love us unconditionally and to the following doubt about their feelings. First we bring down the moon and the stars, and then we cut to immediately try to reconquistarnos and so on. How if we didn’t have feelings and we are at your disposal.

7. When you get in our lives

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Do not allow us to give them an opinion, but they tell us up to how to dress, who to meet, how we talk and even the things that we do. It is not nice.

8. We hide from your friends

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Requests sent from Facebook to our friends, but we don’t, we want to present to their comrades.

9. Their lies

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To invent, stories which are stunning every time you don’t want to see us; nothing will be hard to say who prefer to stay at home and watch tv. It makes us feel worse when we discover the truth.

10. Always want to have control

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Having a relationship does not mean that use chains, the freedom is a right of all, and as well as they can spend Saturdays watching football with your friends, we can go shopping and even go to a bar with our bff’s.