15 Fun floats for the water that would of likes on your photos on Instagram

Bikinis, sun glasses, towels… Up to now, these add-ons were determinants to make your style at this time of year. But it seems that this spring has come the fashion of the floats, a trend that put you as the girl most in the time. It does not matter if you use it in the pool or on the beach, your style is 100 percent guaranteed.

All are made of vinyl which is very resistant and durable. In addition, once deflated and folded occupy very little space. This is why they have become the new staple of the holiday. Choose your favorite design!

1. Become the princess of the ocean

chica recostada en un flotador con forma de concha

2. Show your sensuality

flotador en forma de labios

3. Ideal for tropical

Flotador en forma de piña

4. For a moment of privacy

Flotador en forma de ocho

5. – The king of Instagram and your holiday!

chica sobre un flotador de color rosa

6. Give colour to your adventures

chica sobre un flotador de arcoiris

7. Sail on your very own Pegasus

chica sobre un flotador de pegaso

8. Become the girl most glamorous

chica en un flotador en forma de alas

9. Enjoy the experience in the company!

chicas en flotadores en forma de conchas de mar

10. For an afternoon refreshing

chica usando un bikini de color negro

11. The most appetizing menu of vacation

chica abrazando una rebanada de pizza

12. Only for friends of truth

chicas tomando el sol en el mar

13. You do not miss your favorite dessert

flotador en forma de dona

14. Who said the fun was over?

flotador en forma de dinosaurio

15. The classics should never miss

chicas divertidas en la playa