Mannequins with stretch marks and vitiligo are redefining the concept of ‘beauty’ from the windows

When we go into a clothing store the mannequins tend to be equal, so that almost always we shrug them off and focus more on the clothes that we see on them. But the fashion brand london Missguided has completely changed the typical sideboards.

Missguided had the fantastic idea of modifying the conventional mannequins in their display cases for a few more realistic, which have stretch marks, freckles and vitiligo, inviting their customers to be accepted as they are.

These dummies show that beauty has many forms

Maniquies de mujeres

If you want that fashion to be more inclusive, not just simply change the standards of the models on the catwalks, but also right off of the mannequins! That’s why the line Missguided decided to make drastic changes in the appearance of these objects, a sideboard, betting on the naturalness of female beauty.

Your image is revolutionizing the world of fashion

Maniquíe de mujer con pecas en el rostro

The idea was presented in two areas of the Uk, London and Kent, and was applauded by dozens of people on Twitter.

The company will now be placed in all its stores, the different models of mannequins, which also include different skin tones, lips, eyebrows, freckles, and even scars.

The Internet ensures that there is still much work to be done

Maniquíe de chica con gabardina color beige

Although the fact was applauded by many Internet users, there were those who criticized the project, claiming that lack a more natural way, such as adding different sizes and shapes of body.

However, this is only the beginning in an industry that tries to eliminate the concepts of perfection to show women that they must love each other as they are.