20 Outfits to wear as princess of bohemia at your next music festival

In the whole of Latin america is organized music festivals are perfect to enjoy the rhythm of your favorite songs. It is one of the most great to them dancing to the side of the best friends and singing the melodies of your favorite artists

The massive concerts will offer the opportunity to dress as a princess boho. You can take your clothes more rough, inspire you in the fashion of the seventies, or just use the clothes more comfortable that you can without losing the style. Here are some ideas for your next festival.

1. A blouse, flowered, and a hat to cover yourself from the sun

Florence Welch vaqueros azules blusa blanca cazadora bordada

2. Get your next sexy with a short leather and a blouse with transparencies

Chica con una blusa con transparencias short de cuero y kimono

3. The cowboy boots never fail

Chica con una blusa con flecos y botas vaqueras

4. Pants hood and a top embroidered

Vanessa Hudgens con pantalones de campana y camisa color camel

5. A maxifalda with opening will give you a touch extrasensual

chica con maxifalda blanca y top rojo

6. Booties with buckle, and a blouse with fringes

chica con falda, botines y blusa blanca

7. A basic style of jeans and Converse

Chica con vaqueros converse y blusa blanca

8. A kimono to complement your style

chica con shorts, quimono y blusa estampada

9. Take the opportunity to wear your jumpsuits more hippies

jumpsuit rojo estampado y sombrero

10. If your festival is from rock do not hesitate to get dressed in black

vanessa hudgens con shorts negros y camisa de los guns and roses

11. Complement your floral dress with some booties

chica con vestido de flores y botines

12. Take advantage of this denim jacket

chica con shorts coloridos

13. To be fresh or you can use your maxivestido preferred

chica con un maxi vestido

14. The dresses fabrics look fabulous

kendall jenner con vestido bordado

15. In order to look sexy without showing so much, used jeans high waist and a crop top

chica con pantlaones negros y croptop

16. Presumed your underwear with a naked dress

chica con vestido transparente

17. The combination of denim is the most comfortable

taylor swift con mezclilla

18. A dress without shoulders and flats colorful

vestido de flores sin hombros

19. Try a monochromatic look

chica con vestido nude y botines nude

20. Finally: I cópiale to Vanessa Hudgens!

vanessa hudgens con shorts y crop top