The boyfriend of the girl influencer demonstrates that love does exist… it Is in the good and the bad

More and more influencers that appear on Instagram showing a dream life, filled with luxuries, fun, travel, and fashion. However, Nara Almeida, a brazilian model with millions of followers on Instagram, used the social network to share their personal experiences, their lifestyle and the process of struggle that remained for some months.

Nara was diagnosed with a rare type of stomach cancer, but that has not stopped. The model tells when you are hospitalized or when you are not at home under care completely strict, but above all it shows that true love does exist. Throughout the process, his family has been at your side and your boyfriend has become your table lifeguard.

Nara Almeida discovered that something was not right

Influencer Nara Almeida posando para una fotografía de Instagram

The model of 24 years, had the first symptoms of the cancer at the beginning of 2017. Realized due to a stomach pain that made you faint because I could not eat anything. After diagnosis, Nara decided that he would use his Instagram to narrate the whole process. The influencer shares with its more than 3.2 million followers their impressions of the value that the life has won for her, and over all the strength you need to overcome a situation like this.

Her boyfriend has become her main support

Influencer Nara Almeida abrazando a su novio

One of the people who have always been at the side of Nara is her boyfriend, Pedro Rocha. Their closeness in the difficult times of treatment is one of the most special and beautiful that you can see in this great struggle. Peter is one of the people that make Nara don’t give up to fight for her life.

Pedro Rocha has always been at your side

Influencer Nara Almeida junto a su novio

Peter is the person that takes care of Nara 24 hours a day. Administers medications, gives the food to the correct time and help in everything you need. It is for this reason that she always spends thanksgiving in your account of Instagram.

It seems to Me impossible not to love a person like you, who nursed me from the beginning, that I should seek a doctor, who took me to the hospital, that is my side and holds my hand at the time of the injections. A person who was with me in the most difficult time of my life, when I was diagnosed and I felt so small and so fragile.

In that moment, in that room, dying of pain, with so many things going through my mind, I looked to the side and I felt safe, as I had never felt in my entire life, because you took my hand and you told me that everything was going to be okay, that I was the stronger person that you knew.

Your support is the example that true love is found in the good and in the bad

Influencer Nara Almeida abrazando a su novio

Both are an example of comradeship, Peter, especially, is devoted to her and love her every moment. In the social networks has manifested all the support he has given to Nara. He says that the people referred to as being “someone special” for the simple fact of being at her side during the whole process, but he thinks differently.

I find it so strange to receive these messages where I make you look like an angel, that I am kind and that I am special to support someone who is going through a bad streak. It seems strange to Me because I’ve always thought that it is common sense. What kind of person would you be if I give back to someone who passes by what Nara is living? In fact, I see myself as a lucky person to have known and be able to help her in any way.

Nara just waiting to completely heal

Influencer Nara Almeida besando a su novio

Your state of health has not improved, and soon again will be operated, but Nara does not give up, and his smile is getting bigger:

I can not speak much, but I want to thank you for your prayers and let them know that they have to give value to your life, to every breath. Being able to breathe is already good enough. My heart is full of gratitude, simply because I can’t breathe.