9 Actions he makes on social networks and show that they are CRAZY for you

The early stages of a relationship can be confusing for some people, especially if they have suffered some disappointment previously. This is why they need to be sure that your new partner really have deep feelings towards them.

Today, social networks are one of the most important ways to show interest in someone, so many are always on the lookout for each one of the movements of their partners. If you want to know if that boy who brings you crazy little girl feels the same as you, these are the actions that will be taken through your accounts which betray if you really want to and are willing to everything with you.

1. Gives you like to all your posts

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Perhaps it is those guys who aren’t so fond of social networks, but makes an effort to come in and see what you’ve shared. Immediately gives you I like to your posts and that draws a huge smile on your face, because you know how hard it is for him to enter to Facebook.

2. Interacts with you openly

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If you have a time out, then there is no reason to hide it. This means that your boy will publish photographs with you, you think, and you mentioned in all your stories. That is their way of showing the world that they are together and so will the other potential suitors.

3. You label in publications that you know that you’ll love

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When you care about a person and have some time out, then you will start to know your likes and everything that excites you, so every time he finds something that he knows is pleasing to you will inevitably have to mencionarte for you to see and start a conversation.

4. Add your friends to your social networks

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To that very special person you want to be a part of your circle and meet your best friends, so that’s a good sign, you decide to add them to see that their relationship is serious.

5. It will be your official photographer

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It will not matter how much time it will take to achieve the perfect picture, find your best angle and the appropriate light, you only want to be happy and will spend hours taking a few pictures are necessary until you’re happy with the result.

6. You will share publications full of love

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Social networks are ideal for showing your love and affection, especially on important dates such as Valentine’s day or your birthday. That’s why, although it’s not very romantic you will take the time to post on your wall any video or image very mellow.

7. Is online

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Go to Facebook just to see if you’re connected and tries to chat with you as long as possible. Of course he is the one who starts the conversations.

8. Published on your wall things that remind you

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As any special song or any phrase of love, everything will remind you of some special moment at your side.

9. It’s your number one fan on Instagram

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Each photo of yours has one like yours, is to be aware of what you post and comment all your content.