Girl meets its 30 years of EPIC form: ¡offering a funeral to your youth!

The time passed bill and there is no way to go back. When you’re 13 you want to have 30; when you’re 21, you want to live in that stage for many more years. And surely you will do so, but always comes the moment in which you have to decide: do I go out partying or I finish the project I graduaré of the university?

And so it went 20, in which you learn to be responsible, to feel adult with the energy of puberty, but at the end of the day each time you’re closer to the third floor. Perhaps this is why Mila Blatova decided to “celebrate” his 30th birthday with a funeral. An idea that may be shocking for some and for others it is just great.

Mila decided to celebrate the “death of youth”

Chica decide hacer funeral cuando cumple 30

Mila is a model, and when he turned 30 he decided that it was a very special moment to mourn the death of the most beautiful gift of his life: the youth.

It is only to accept a new chapter of your life

Chica decide hacer funeral cuando cumple 30

My idea came from not wanting to leave my 20 years and recognize that I am now old. I had the intention of accepting a new chapter in my life in a fun way.

Looks very dramatic, but she feels good with it

Chica decide hacer funeral cuando cumple 30

Even though you are burying your precious youth, you will not feel let down.

I hope to have new adventures, to travel, to take care of my two little ones and whatever the 30 bring to my life.

Mila has two children and now what more fear gives you is to meet 40.

The drama of the photos was inspired by a meme

Chica decide hacer funeral cuando cumple 30

The photos were inspired by a meme I saw of Kris Jenner. But I wanted to give it a whirl dark and superdramático for my birthday.

The message of Mila for twenty year old girls

Chica decide hacer funeral cuando cumple 30

Do everything you can and don’t be afraid to live with fun, regardless of your age.

Mila acknowledges that the more old you become, you tend to disapprove of that part sarcastic and a little immature, but in the end your personality does not have to change if you have a pair of sails extra on your cake.