10 Times in the make-up of Instagram had NOTHING to do with real life

There are many girls that upload tutorials to Instagram and make the makeup to be a simple job. It seems that you have been born with the incredible ability to do contouring, and lining eyes better not talk about because it is a line so perfect that until the person with the most pulse of the world would fail to make it.

But when the rest of the girls, which we are not a fanatic of make-up, we practice everything that we see in the videos and the result is a complete disaster. The smokey eye ends up making us look like a panda, the glue of the false lashes just sealing our eyes and the glitter spreads all over the face. If you still doubt, then you have to see these 10 tests that demonstrate that the make-up of Instagram and real life have nothing to do.

1. The eyebrows of Instagram are perfect

Chica mostrando su maquillaje de Instagram

But in real life can be a torment

Chica con unas cejas mal hechas

2. The contouring done by professionals not note

Chica con un contouring perfecto

In real life it seems like an abstract line

Chica con las líneas del contouring visible

3. The girls of Instagram delínean his eyes as if it were a work of art

Chica con un delineado trenzado

In real life the delineated there is no perfect

Chica con un ojo mal dlineado

4. So you see the natural makeup on Instagram

Chica con un maquillaje "natural"

This is called A “natural” in real life

Bridget Jones con un maquillaje natural

5. So shine the shadows on Instagram

Chica con el maquillaje de Glitter

In real life, they do both

Chica con el maquillaje de Glitter

6. The false eyelashes of Instagram look so natural

Pestañas postizas que lucen naturales

In real life the glue can seal your eyes

Chica con losojos pegados por las pestañas postizas

7. The smookey eyes of Instagram are sexy

Chica con u smokey eye perfecto

In real life they look like the eyes of a panda

Chica con u smokey eye arruinado

8. The glitter on Instagram gives a different touch to a makeup

Chica con glitter en todo el ojo

In real life, sends you to the hospital

Chica con glitter en todo el ojo

9. The lips of Instagram look like Kylie Jenner

Labios de una chica delineados de manera perfecta

In real life the outline of the lips do not always find it

Labios de una chica con los labios delineados de manera extraña

10. Nails of Instagram are a work of art

 Chica con unas uñas blancas con flores de cerezo pintadas

In real life not so much

Chica con las uñas pintadas en blanco y rojo con las lineas raras