I couple confirmed! Cara Delevingne and Paris Jackson presume his love in a tender double quotation

On one hand we have Cara Delevingne, la it girl british that he ventured on the catwalk and now experiences as an actress; on the other, Paris Jackson, the daughter of the King of Pop, and model, known for promoting self love and to release our spirit.

This pair of girls has been sharing happy moments together, not only between them but also with all their followers, which makes us wonder: is there something more than friendship?, what we are advertising that they are a couple? Let’s look at the evidence.

They spent Christmas together, according to the photo of Paris

Cara y Paris instagram

Stars of the middle of the night, they sail in silence in the sky. Do you listen to everything that you see? Are you listening to me? Star of christmas, you see my world wisely, and when my journey ends, will you be my only faithful friend.

Face has jumped in the bed of Paris

cara en el cuarto de paris

The photo is of Paris, and in it only writes:


Both were united and fun

Paris Jackson y Cara Delevingne son novias

Paris went up a couple of videos to their stories of Instagram. In them we see them in bed, were enjoying Carol and Cara gave him strawberries-to Paris, a video in which he writes:

Engórdame, please

It seems that Paris wants to tell us something

My girl…

Then came the double date

 cita doble de jackson y culkin

Both were captured in an argentinean restaurant in West Hollywood. They were on a double date; the other couple was Macaulay Culkin and his girlfriend.

But at the end of the dinner

cara delevingne y paris jackson estan saliendo

How very loving? Yes, something like that. Face came to Paris and asked him to dance with her. Paris was happy to receive.

One, two, three… one step forward and one back

cara delevingne y paris jackson son novias

So suddenly stood up and started dancing in the middle of the street.

Three, two, one… it’s A kiss to end the waltz!

un beso entre cara delevingne y paris jackson

Both kissed each other tenderly. Is the first photo of the two exchanging love, although neither of the two have confirmed anything.

What does this mean, I smell love in the air?

beso entre cara y paris

Face was getting to know the godfather of Paris, Macaulay; it’s like meeting the family. Will it be something more profound than an adventure?

As long as they are happy… so What!

beso entre cara y paris

They met from may 2017 at the MTV Movie Awards. Are six years apart and the rumors began a while ago, when you saw them hand in hand in Dalston. Some sources say that only a flirt; others think that there is a spark between them. We wish them happiness, they look very pretty together.