10 Barbie Dolls collection that make us want to be girls again

Since the launch of the line of dolls manufactured by Mattel in march of 1959, Barbie has become the favorite toy of all the girls on the planet. Ensures that his popularity has had an effect on the small who regard Barbie as a role model and try to imitate it. But there’s more about this beautiful blonde plastic.

Through the years, Barbie has released for sale a number of strong women who have broken the schemes and have earned a place in history. These are some of the dolls that make us want to be girls again.

1. Barbie Wonder Woman

barbies mujer maravilla

Due to the success of the film, Barbie decided to celebrate with a doll inspired by the warrior of mythological origin.

2. Barbie Claudia Schiffer

barbies claudia shiffer

Taking as reference one of the models most important of the decade of the 90’s, wearing your favorite dress from Versace.

3. Barbie dolls of women that have marked the history

barbies icónicas

With the purpose of inspiring millions of women in the world, Mattel created a collection of dolls inspired by women legendary as Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earth or Katherine Johnson.

4. Barbie Jennifer Lopez

barbies jennifer lopez

With a body enviable, a career filled with triumphs and a unique personality, this doll in honor of the singer of puerto rican origin, is one of the most desired.

5. Barbie Ashley Graham

barbie ashley graham

It is a well deserved recognition to one of the women who has fought more for the Body Positive, trying to bring awareness to all the girls who do not accept your body exactly how it is.

6. Barbie Heidi Klum

barbies heidi klum

One of the models German most recognized on the planet, host of his own reality show and a fashion icon, was the ideal inspiration for the brand.

7. Barbie Shakira

barbies shakira

The colombian singer with the most international recognition, one of the most beautiful women on the planet and a talented that he has managed to consecrate themselves in the world of music. Mattel nailed it with this wonderful doll.

8. Barbie Andy Warhol

barbie andy warhol

As well as the artist was inspired by this doll so popular, Barbie did a tribute to Warhol with a limited edition, especially for those who love the art.

9. Barbie Real

barbies icónicas

Barbie decided that it was time to break the stereotypes of beauty and launched to the market an amazing selection of dolls with bodies and different races that conquered our hearts.

10. Barbies of women who broke boundaries

barbies icónicas

Its main features: each is of a different nationality, have defied the expectations of gender on the intelligence, roles, abilities, sexuality, and power. Now the girls all over the world will have other kinds of expectations and dreams to fulfill.