‘What real men do cry’: a series of portraits that attempt to destroy the gender roles

At the beginning of our formation embryonic humans are all the females, but as the days go by we define the sexes and the brain adapts. At the end we are born as two different beings both physically and mentally. While they are simple, logical and rational, we are complex, sensual and emotional.

It is a bad habit to say that the boys don’t cry, but the photographer Maud Fernhout created What Real Men Cry Like (What real men do cry), a gallery of portraits of men who expose their reasons to cry. Breaking gender stereotypes and showing the world that the men also feel.

By the way, in the titles you will read the words of the author about his work.

“With this project I want people to think about how we see gender and their roles”

Hombres que lloran

For me, crying is not showing weakness. When I cry I can accept my feelings and allow me to continue. It makes Me stronger.

“Why we tell men not to cry to be men? And what does this mean?”

Hombres que lloran

The only sentence that I have on my wall is my favorite show on television:
Q: does it hurt?

A: Yes, beautifully

These two phrases in a conversation I show that cry is not to show weakness, instead, it is a moment in which someone embraces their emotions, which, if well are a sign of strength and should be celebrated.

“Don’t try to tell them what to be or what not to be”

Hombres que lloran

As well as the water purifies the body, tears purify the soul.

“If you identify yourself as a man and don’t you cry, because you do not do it”

Hombres que lloran

I don’t think that crying is something to be ashamed of. No one should suppress their emotions to fit in with the stereotype that they are given. I think that was as a test statistic that always pulls me tears at the end.

“But if you feel you want to whine watching The diary of Noah and eating ice cream in bed…”

Hombres que lloran

The crying emotional is one of the few things that differentiate us from animals. Ironically, so is the impulse to suppress our nature by the social constructs.

“… Don’t let trivial gender roles will contain”

Hombres que lloran

It is magical to think how a single tear, a single drop coming out of our eyes, is a whole world of feelings, emotions, and reasons concentrated. As if a single tear out the essence filtered of our existence.

“And girls, showing that bright smile”

Hombres que lloran

The big boys cry. I mean, we are all born crying, why feel scared for the rest of our lives?

“The joy is beautiful, like you”

Hombres que lloran

Crying, laughing and laughing until the tears. These two forms of emotional expression are extremely related, so much so that terrifies me. As if people needed this balance between the sadness and the happiness to be able to live. Each individual deals with it. The world is full of sadness, pain and joy. It is satisfying to have an output like crying there and be able to move up in life. And people should be able to experience that feeling in their own way.

Let’s say goodbye to gender roles, to mourn and you’d laugh together as human

Hombres que lloran

Show yourself is not a sign of weakness, it is one of immense power.