15 Signs that this guy is just feeding his ego with your attention…and YOU are what you allow!

When you fall in love everything changes, it is as if you lived in the clouds, everything looks brilliant, anything he say you think is funny, you’re in a good mood, I was born to sing and dance on all sides, añoras his knowing look and that smile that you start whispering to the middle of the afternoon. The problem is when you’re the only one living in the fantasy, especially when your lead actor is not on the same page as you.

Sometimes it is better to talk things out and realize if it is a good time to say goodbye or take the next step. That is why we describe the cues that betray you when you are not interested in something more, so that you do not invest your time on a person who is not worth.

1. Takes days to answer you messages

no te contesta los mensajes chica triste celular

2. You have been left waiting for hours before you arrive

carrie esperando por big

3. All of your plans involve alcohol

pareja bebiendo cerveza

4. Your body language is elusive

no te presta atencion otra vez

5. Weekends are for going to parties you aren’t invited

fiesta entre amigos

6. You have said that you don’t want anything serious

no quiere nada serio pareja triste

7. He says he’ll call and does not

nunca te llama chica esperando una llamada

8. He goes with other girls that are your “friends”

He's Just Not That Into You te esta engañando

9. You are confronted by any thing

 se pelean mucho

10. Only hear stories about your ex

Te cuenta de su ex pareja discutiendo

11. You cancel very often

chica que plantaron

12. Always take a friend with you to your appointments

tercero en discordia

13. When they leave not pay attention to you

No te presta atencion pareja triste

14. Reacts rare before your displays of affection

pareja de zootopia

15. Away when you feel sad

se aleja cuando te sientes triste Mujer mirando por la ventana triste