15 Pictures that show the truth behind the friendship between the girls so epic

For some strange reason, it is believed that friendship between women is a sort of fiction: the girls only pretend, because in reality we do not tolerate among us. But it is just another myth.

To verify this in this very moment, in the team OkChicas we have taken on the task of collecting 15 photos that not only prove the existence of the friendship of the female, but also show that it is more brilliant than the male.

1. The friendship between girls is eccentric and sweet

niña sosteniendo el cabello de otra niña

2. Sometimes you can start from small

Niñas vestidas como personajes de cine

3. Between friends it does not matter the differences

grupo de amigas tomándose una selfie

4. Not the distance, because the Internet brings them together

chicas viendo una presentación de power point

5. They have become accomplices to protect their ex

chica disfrazada de hombre

6. Only they know how to make you smile in adversity

chica abrazando a un oso panda

7. Your samples of love are unique… and rare

amigas jugando

8. The best selfies are on your side

chicas tomándose una selfie

9. Also the best moments

chicas usando mascarillas

10. They are accompanied in all their follies

chicas frente al espejo

11. Will help you to achieve your goals

chicas antes y después de bajar de peso

12. As they have matured together… at least that’s the idea

chias disfrazadas

13. They make you feel special

chia llorando al ver unas fotos

14. Even give his life for them

amigas tomadas de la mano en el hospital

15. And that makes them to know that despite the time to remain united

grupio de señoras usando los mismos lentes