A detail hidden in ‘Harry Potter’ shows that Snape saved to Hogwarts in MORE ways than one

Not even J. K. Rowling imagined in his deepest dreams the success that you would have the incredible saga that was created, based on the life of a little wizard with a destination great. For years, the magic and fantasy of Harry Potter has trapped millions of people who have become his faithful followers.

So much has been its reputation that, in the present writer in English has to continue squeezing its mind to continue with the adventures of the sorcerers that live hidden in the shadows, with a new series: fantastic beasts and where to find them.

The character is more controversial

severus snape

Among the most controversial figures of the story is the professor of potions Severus Snape, who for many was a man, dark-all my time was spent doing suffer to Harry for a crime he did not commit. However, for others it was a brave and shrewd wizard who sacrificed himself to save the life of the only son of the woman he loved.

Even J. K. Rowling has described it this way:

tweet severus snape

The detail that eluded us

severus snape

But if you have seen the movies more than twice, you will be in agreement that at the end we all end up praising him and appreciating what he did for the students of Hogwarts and the wizards of the world.

If you’re not completely convinced that it is one of the greatest heroes of history, despite having had to remove it to Dumbledore, this is one of the details that perhaps you escaped and that reaffirmed to us how wonderful and brave he was.

Pay attention

gif snape vs. mcgonagall

Perhaps you remember the scene in which Snape is facing professor McGonagall in the great dining room, while the majority of the students are around.

A little bit more slowly

gif severus snape vs. mcgonagall

At that time, he dodges the spell of Minerva and manages to escape the scene quickly.

Here is

gif severus snape vs. mcgonagall

If you observe carefully you will discover that just before leaving by the window redirects to the enchantment of the teacher, in such a way that knocks down Alecto and Amycus Carrow, the evil death eaters who lived in the college by the orders of Voldemort.

Forever in our hearts

severus snape always

Yes, it is, even at that time showed that he was very intelligent and fearless, worthy of the title of half blood Prince.