16 Best fathers and mothers of Disney voted on by the fans: Mufasa is not the #1

In Disney films there is a dad or a mom who takes care of your princess or prince. Some are more bonachones and did not bother them that their children fight in a war; others are more overprotective and don’t want to leave your home.

But in fiction, as in life, what is important is the teaching that a father and a mother will leave her young. That’s why the Disney fans voted to 16, the fathers and mothers of their favorite tapes of the worst to the best according to your lessons and displays of affection.

Escena de la película Buscando a Dory

They both love Dory and do all his effort to teach his daughter to survive. When Dory is lost, they keep the hope of return, and even if it does not go in search of it, as Marlin was, after Nemo, are still good parents.

15. Queen Elinor, Brave

Escena de la película Valiente

Elinor is a mother, stubborn, not always listen to what Merida needs, she wants things to be done their way; however, he loves his children and is able to travel the whole world for them.

14. The chief Powhatan, Pocahontas

Escena de la película Pocahontas

He is a good father who loves and respects his daughter. However, I was so committed to the tradition and culture of your tribe that you ended up distancing yourself from Pocahontas.

13. King Frederic and queen Arianna, Entangled

Escena de la película Enredados

The pain for the loss of Rapunzel is evident, even the honor each year by launching lanterns floating. This expresses how deeply you love.

12. Marlin, finding Nemo

Escena de la película Buscando a Nemo

After losing his wife and the rest of the children in an attack by a voracious fish, Marlin becomes a father so loving that it is able to cross the ocean to save him.

11. The mother of Bambi, Bambi

Escena de la película de Bambi

Not much is known of her, but it is evident that it is a mother’s love and careful. In addition, it ends up giving his life to save his son.

Escena de la película los 101 dalmatas

Both risk their lives to save their puppies, and end up adopting other 84 dalmatians that Cruella wanted to kill.

9. James, The princess and the frog

Escena de la película La Princesa y el Sapo

Although their dreams were truncated regional, he teaches Tiana to cook and, most importantly, to strive to achieve their goals in life.

Escena de la película Los Increíbles

Helen had to give up on their dreams of being a superheroine, and does everything he can to take care of his family, although at times it may seem a little strict.

7. Dad Henry, A great dinosaur

Escena de la película Un gran dinosaurio

Dad Henry knows that He needs to be strong to survive, and it teaches you everything you know to achieve it.

6. Mrs. Jumbo, Dumbo

Escena de la película Dumbo

From the first moment shows that he has courage and heart to be a mom. When bother your child, she defends, and although he ends up incarcerated comforts him from the bars.

Escena de la película Tarzán

In the midst of despair for having lost his son, he risked his life to save Tarzan and then raised him as their own.

Escena de la película Moana

Sina is a mother affectionate and loving, and does his best to support his daughter against her stubborn father.

3. Mrs. Andersen, Intense Mind

Escena de la película Intensa Mente

Ms. Andersen does everything he can to take care of his family and by staying in tune with Riley so as to help you cope with your emotions.

Escena de la película El Rey León

It is the first example of strength that you have Simba, and teaches your child what is their place in the world and the importance of all creatures in him.

1. Mrs. Davis, Toy Story

Escena de la película Toy Story

Mrs. Davis is a single mother struggling to raise her two children; she is always present. We do birthday parties, Andy, takes you for a ride to Pizza Planet, camp and performed their daily tasks as a mother, all you can do is dedicate his time to his children, and he does it selflessly and with love.