Cleared tattoos Paris Jackson for advertising Calvin Klein; she replies with the broken heart

Calvin Klein always choose style icons to participate in your campaign #MyCalvins, as Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber. On this occasion he invited Luly Tenner, Millie Bobby Brown, the star of Stranger Things, and to the model, the ambassador of self-love and daughter of the King of Pop, Paris Jackson.

The first images published last February are completely normal, but now they have released a new version in which Jackson appears without his tattoos, which has caused controversy on Twitter and other media. The fans are wondering: why, then, decided to hire her if they do appear without any marks on the skin?

Jackson, the girl of free spirit

captura de pantalla de Instagram de Calvin Klein con foto original de Paris Jackson

Paris is a woman who shows the world as it is, is so natural that you do not care to teach the hairs that grow on his legs and sends messages of love to all his followers, in addition that cause controversy due to his opinions and go against the system.

Why Calvin Klein blotted out their distinctive tattoos?

03 Calvin Klein borra los tatuajes de Paris Jackson en su más reciente add

People are very confused by what happened and have accused the firm of concealing your tattoo for a sector of their customers, which is surely more conservative.

Jackson published a sort of response on Twitter

tuit de paris jackson

The tweet does not mention any company in reality, will it be a hint for Calvin Klein?

How do you prefer?

my calvins paris jackson, le borran los tatuajes en calvin klein

The message that sends the mark to his followers is ambiguous and makes us wonder: how much time takes to be socially inclusive? Why pay millions to a model if you are going to modify in accordance with standards which meet other women?