7 Exercises to reaffirm and get a butt-shaped peach

You only have one body and you need to pay attention and not only look gorgeous and leave the entire world amazed. It is rather by self-love. If you want a anatomy more healthy then you should invest some of your time and give love to your figure, eating healthily and moving.

On this occasion we will give you a simple routine of exercises that tone up your buttocks, the shape and helps you to say bye bye to cellulite. You just need a mat or an exercise mat, sports clothing, a space at home and of course effort to achieve it.

1. Hip opening

Apertura de caderas ejercicios para el bootie

Lie down on the mat and opens her legs up in excess of your shoulder, after you board the ankles and lift your chest as if you wanted to fly; hold for 30 seconds, and repeat five times. After you spread your legs and bend one while the tours to the other side; do the same with the other, 15 times each. This pair of exercises helps to eliminate the fat between the back and the birth of the back, in addition, relaxes the area of the hips.

2. ¡Superwoman!

ejercicios para reafirmar el trasero

Now put your knees on the floor with the same openness that your shoulders, hands like. Lift your right leg up with his left hand at the same time, alternating with the other side, repeated 30 times, 15 of each side. After you lie down on the floor and do the same by keeping your whole body strong. As time passes and you feel more resistant, increasing the number of repetitions.

3. Time sheets

lagartijas con codos

The plates are very full at the time of toning up the back of the body and at the same time that esculpes your butt also work your back, arms and legs. First place to four points with knees and elbows, if you can pick up on tips it is best, if you do not use a pose more light. Then lift alternating legs, three repetitions of 15 lifts each. Now raise the leg while you stretch the arm to the contrary, 15 lifts per leg, rest and repeat two more times until you get to 45 reps.

4. Bridges with support

Puentes par aun bottie de impacto

For this exercise, you will need a chair. You place it face-up and goes up the legs in a comfortable way. After she stretches her arms firmly forward, and make sure that your neck is not compressed. Lifting the hip toward the front, when you finish your test, raise the hip and at the same time, a straight leg upwards. Repeats both modalities in three rounds of 15 lifts per leg.

5. Kicks in four

Patadas de lado

Put in four points with the opening of legs and hands equal to the width of your shoulders. After alternarás kicking towards the side, followed by kicking back, extending the tips, and finally upward, flexing your knee. Repeat 15 kicks with each leg on three circuits.

6. Now a little bit of effort abdominal

ejercicios boca arriba

This exercise works your abdomen in addition to stretching the lower part that joins the buttocks to the leg. Position yourself face up and lifts the shoulders along with your chin. Lift your legs parallel to the floor and fan out, try to bend a knee to the weight, and keep the other straight. After you’ll do so with both together. Repeat 15 times with each leg, and 15 times with the legs together.

7. Squats are essential


Squats are a basic that you can not just skip to reaffirm the buttocks and the legs. The basic way to make them is by opening the legs to the height of the shoulders and bending the knees until they are at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the thigh. Make sure you have the back right and repeat 15 times, rest and do it 30 more times. To complement loops with the ends towards the inside and then tipped out.