Expert analyses the body language between Miley and Liam; your love is getting stronger every day!

It has been long the way for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are together. The couple met almost a decade ago, in 2009, when both were working on The Last Song. And since then they separated, reunited, went on vacation, celebrated the holidays and attended to his participation in the releases of the red carpet.

But in addition to what they share in interviews and on social networks, who really knows what is going on with this couple? Experts in the body language of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have revealed secrets of their relationship over the years with only a couple of photographs.

2010: Miley loves Liam

oareja de novios abrazados

The expert in body language, Susan Constantine says that the admiration of Miley Liam is obvious.

She absolutely loves it and his smile is genuine. Her body leans towards him, while looking at it with an expression almost dreamy.

2012: there is trust between both

chica usando vestido blanco con escote en la espalda

When she placed her hand on the chest of Liam, feels she can be herself in front of him. His torso also leans toward him, indicating even more your connection.

2012: they have a strong bond

chica abraznado a un chico de traje sastre

The hand of Miley in her torso shows a connection. They have an emotional bond very strong. Things for this couple they look good.

2013: they are a true team

chica usando vestido de colores neutros

The smile forced of both could have been a serious conversation that changed his mood, but their torsos are still pointing towards each other. Are a couple emotionally connected.

2018: they are meant to stay together

chica abrazando a su novio de traje sastre

Even in pictures in which Liam appears rigid, the placement of the hand of Miley often remains on your heart. The experts noted that, regardless of the nature raised in this photo, the head of Miley also remains tilted toward him, displaying that it is connected with her boyfriend.

2018: Liam really loves Miley

pareja de novios mirándose a los ojos

Although we normally see Miley completely involved with Liam, on this occasion the roles were reversed.

It is a warm and friendly smile, but his eyes show a genuine happiness. She is happy. Now, Liam is staring at her with an endearing expression, as if to say “isn’t it adorable?”.