A photo with the supposed ‘comeback’ between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt is going crazy to the Internet

A month ago Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced the end of their relationship, the divorce had arrived, and with it a series of rumors that speculated that, as a result of this, Brad Pitt and Jennifer could resume their relationship. It all started when, apparently, Jennifer had been well-known to the children that the actor had conceived with Angelina Jolie, but then that means I lost the track and not talked more about the topic.

Now a new rumor has surfaced: according to the magazine Star, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston resumed their relationship, and all thanks to a friend of the two has served as Cupid in the relationship. It is not yet known for certain if the couple is together again, but in the meantime this is all we know about it…

It cancels all!

Meme sobre jennifer aniston y brad pitt

Remember when your friends always said: “if Jennifer Aniston could beat Brad Pitt, you can overcome your partner”, therefore it is time to forget those words. Because everything indicates that 2018 is the year of the truenes and reunions. Selena and Justin had returned, and for reasons still unknown, gave a time. Then we learned that Chris Evans and his girlfriend had also said good-bye and now Jennifer Aniston decides to go back with Brad Pitt, and we can only ask: what the hell is going on?

The Cupid of Brad and Jen not wearing diapers

Portada de la revista star donde se habla de bradpitt y jennifer aniston

According to the journal Star, celebrities are giving a second chance thanks to George Clooney encouraged Brad to win back his former wife 12 years ago. The actor has become the counselor of Brad since he announced the split with Angelina. A source close to both revealed all of the details:

George was the first person to call him when his marriage with Angie ended up. After that Jen and Theroux announced their separation, he encouraged Brad to reach out and give you a new opportunity to your old relationship.

The love between them has returned… or perhaps it was never finished

Jennifer aniston y brad pit en una relacion en el 2005

The reunion of the couple was made after an after-party at the academy awards:

His night was very relaxed and unobtrusive. They recalled the past and laughed a lot. It was like old times. Both realized that they spent good things when they were together. And still pass. Now we have been watching secretly, and all thanks to George.

So far, none of the celebrities involved has given a clarification, however, a picture begins to cause a stir in the social networks.

Users of the social networks exploded with the news

Comentario en twitter sobre el regreso de jenn y brad pitt

But not all are happy with the idea that this relationship is again.

Some are in favor of that the couple resume where he left off some years ago

Comentario en twitter sobre el regreso de jenn y brad pitt

Comentario en twitter sobre el regreso de jenn y brad pitt

Of course there will always be a #teamangelina and a #teamjenn

Other users are upset with the news, because #amigadatecuenta

Comentario en twitter sobre el regreso de jenn y brad pitt

Because all applaud the news, but she must realize that if once already deceived it’s bound to happen once more.

Someone revealed the true origin of the image

Comentario en twitter sobre el regreso de jenn y brad pitt

Thanks to your amazing skills of agents of the FBI, some users found that the news is a complete assembly