I alert trend! The curly perm of the 80s threatens to return

If you grew up between the 80’s and 90’s is very possible that you’ve seen that your mom and aunts to use the curly hair, and since then you started your concern to make your hair the famous “standing”; unfortunately, many stylists refused to let. Some argued that your hair didn’t have the structure to shape the curls, and many others simply did not want to do so because of how complicated the issue. But a new age has arrived and most of the supermodels are coming back to this trend.

Some weeks ago, Gigi and Bella Hadid appeared with the hair extremely curly in their accounts of Instagram and since then arose the question: how the permanent has returned? Everything indicates that, yes. Unfortunately, it continues to generate debate at the time of doing so, because to be able to curl the hair need a chemical treatment and a process that can get you to spoil it, not in vain, many stylists refuse. But if you’re planning to make the permanent one, then this is what you need to know.

The sisters Hadid brought back the famous permanent

Bella Hadid con una permanente rizada en el cabello

The mane ochentera was brought back thanks to the sisters Hadid and Karlie Kloss, who appeared with the hair completely curly on the cover of the magazine Vogue.

But before you show off the hair of rockstar you need to know a few things…

Bella Hadid con el cabello rizado imitando a la chica de vaselina

The permanent is a process that spoils the hair because of the chemicals and strong and are used, some broken bridges in proteins of the hair to form the curls, causing them to weaken, dry up and fall off.

1. The technique improved, but not completely

Chica con una permanente rizada en el cabello

Some stylists have the philosophy that the permanent spoil the hair, so flatly refuse to do so. But the traditional technique has experienced a slight change in the last few years, especially in the used products, which are less aggressive, and less effective; some contain ingredients for hair care, such as the proteins of silk or aloe vera to give flexibility, moisture and elasticity to the curl.

2. The hair very smooth and are not always candidates for the treatment

Chica con una permanente rizada en el cabello

Although you can create different styles of curls, depending on the size and the shape of the curler you use and the placement of the same, the more natural the curl more quickly loses its shape. The problem is maximized with the hair extremely smooth because they are more heavy and the smooth takes more force; therefore, creating a slight wave is more difficult. If you want a small waveform as that of 80 you can get a good result, but if you want a soft and large is an impossible job.

3. The permanent is not strongly recommended in hair dyeing

Chica con una permanente rizada en el cabello

Although it can be done, if the hair is very mistreated, dry, or discolored, the chemicals used could damage it more. That is why it is important that the expert who will do the work know the background of the hair, as well be able to advise you to do it or not.

4. The permanent can create different styles of curls

Gigi Hadid con una permanente rizada en el cabello

Today looking for a most natural effect to curl the hair, but it all depends on the length of the hair. Now instead of using rods you can opt for rollers or bodies of rubber, which are more soft and allow you to tighten more easily the hair. In addition, depending on the positioning of the hair it can get a different effect. There are curlers that are born from the root, starting at half-mane and you can even make a standing in the lower part of the hair to give volume.

You have to take into account that if the hair has a length of over 30 inches is too heavy to be able to withstand the curls.

5. Need special care

Chica con una permanente rizada en el cabello

Taking into account that it is a process that weakens the hair and that affects its internal structure, it is necessary to hidratarlo constantly, but, above all, to use products free of alcohol. Also you must let it dry naturally, because this will punish the hair with heat and the curl will be more beautiful and with less frizz. Also remember what you told Elle Woods: you have to wait 24 to 48 hours to be able to wash it or you will run the risk of that off the chemicals.