10 Signs that the person is toxic in the relationship YOU

Many times we find ourselves in relationships stormy that we do a lot of damage and we have no idea how to get out of them. We complain with all our friends for every little detail that annoys us or makes us feel that we will not import it to our partner.

But what if in reality those who have the problem are you? Perhaps you have not wanted to give account of many lawsuits and rifts that you have with your guy were a product of a tantrum, yours or your lack of understanding. These are some signs that, in reality, it is you who turns out to be the person toxic in their courtship.

1. What uncomfortable without wanting to

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Some attitudes of yours may be annoying, consciously or unconsciously. As be seeing their messages on the cell phone or ask password of your social networks; you demand to take you shopping or to places that he doesn’t really want to go; don’t laugh about their jokes or leave it in frequently seen.

2. You are the one who causes the fights

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Although in reality you try to express your feelings, you end up complicating things to such a degree that they become real battles campales. Before you start a conversation, reflect on your actions.

3. “He is to blame for everything”

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Every time you feel bad emotionally, do you think that it was he who caused it.

4. You close the communication with your partner

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Most of the fights and disagreements a couple occur due to poor communication.

5. As you follow it to all parties

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Even when you don’t want to go with him, you demand to take you.

6. Does not invest enough time in your relationship

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This represents a huge problem for their bond to grow. Do you feel your lack of interest and, as answer, he stops looking for you also.

7. You can be very hurtful

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When you have had any beef explotas and tell him all his flaws and failures, only to humiliate him.

8. You demand a treatment of queen

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You consent to every moment, even when you are not reciprocal. Remember that he also deserves that we be surprised once in a while.

9. It bothers you that enjoy what you don’t participate

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If you have planned a weekend with his friends, tell him that you need help with some task, or if you want to play video games, you want to go out to dinner.

10. Never you say what you feel

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Despite the fact that you feel a great love and worry for him, you express your feelings. Always waiting for him to give you signs of affection.