15 Trends that you’ll be able to premiere this spring; welcome solstice!

The spring finally arrived, it’s time to get the skirts, the dresses, the shorts , and many clothes more. This season is warmer than winter but cooler than summer, comes with many trends, retro and some classic all the time, like the jumpsuits.

To dress well you don’t need to renew your wardrobe, or buy expensive clothing designer. It is only a matter of combining the clothing that works the best for you and follow a couple of tips of seasonal. Then spring trends that will be the hit.

1. Long live the pastel tones!

 estilo en tonos pastel

2. Take the opportunity to show off your garments with fringes

Chaqueta de flecos

3. Sport for greater comfort

sporty outfit

4. Time of riding in overalls

Chica en overoles y tacones

5. Never stop shine

prendas brillantes

6. Garments plastic noventeras are back

Prendas de plastico

7. Season jumpsuits

jumpsuit de flores

8. Flowery dresses and sheer

vestidos transparentes

9. The return of the suits with a short detail

short pans suits chica con traje y pantalones cortos

10. Glasses futuristic

gafas futuristas

11. I know totally denim

chica usando vaqueros y blusa de mezclilla

12. The lavender is the favorite shade of the season

Chica vestida de lavanda

13. Yellow, to give competition to the violet

vestido amarillo

14. Trench coats as dresses

gabardina vestido chica rubia

15. Finally don’t forget your messenger or fanny pack