Criticize Selena Gomez for her apparent weight gain; she replies with open heart

Selena Gomez reappeared before the lens of the paparazzi while enjoying the sun of Australia in the company of their friends, we don’t know if to get away from Justin Bieber after deciding to take a time or just to relax for a moment.

What is certain is that the singer has raised a great stir at the show with absolute normality the scar that you have on the right thigh; this, together with their increase of weight, has led her to be the center of the criticism which has already been answered in an incredible way.

Selena Gomez was caught vacationing and sporting a few extra pounds

chica en bikini de color naranja

chica en bikinid e color naranja con negro

During your vacation in Sydney, Selena was seen wearing a bikini two-piece that left bare the scar product of an intervention that saved her life; it was also visible to its increase of weight, which was criticized by various media.

Their fans defended the harsh criticism

Tuits de Selena Gomez

Tuits de Selena Gomez

Your extra pounds will have been called more the attention of the press, and on the Internet several users have called her “fat”, causing fans to respond in an incredible way.

The answer of Selena to criticism deserves a prize

In the comments, Selena released a video on his account of Instagram to show how well it is going and, most important, give their opinion on the beauty, making it clear that she loves as it is, and that nobody should comment on how beautiful it is each person..

The myth of beauty: an obsession with physical perfection that traps the modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self-awareness and hatred toward herself, while trying to meet the impossible definition of beauty, flawless society. I chose to take care of myself because I want to, not to prove anything to anyone.