This would be your genre of blogger according to your type of pictures with more success in Instagram

We live in the era of social networks, in which we express our thoughts and tastes and we share special moments with other users. One of the most popular is Instagram, which gives us the opportunity to be artistic as well as the photographers professional or as narcissistic as the celebrities.

According to psychologists, the photos of our Urges reveal certain clues as to our way of being. But as everything in life is subjective, take it with humor and realize that all the girls are a little crazy and we reflect our disorders imaginaries in the social networks.

The reporter of social

cara delevigne y su familia

Your entire account is full of birthdays, meetings and social events. Take pictures with all their acquaintances. It is a very girl-friendly, that would like to share how well the passes and be the center of attention.

Mochilera and always travel

foto de chica viajera con otros viajeros

Her album is full of landscapes, murals, beautiful buildings and architectural photos by the style where you presumed all of your trips. You like new experiences, enjoy life to the fullest and strives to inspire others to take the suitcases.

The artist abstract

fotografía de flores

Is a girl that capture details that no one else sees you using a lot of zum. His account is full of textures and objects that to others would seem trivial. Any object with a background in black-and-white or sepia becomes a piece of art, complemented with an inspirational footer. It is a very sensitive person, of few but true friends and want to enjoy every moment in solitude.

The makeup guru

chica guru de maquillaje

Absolutely all of your photos are about different styles of makeup that dominates. Knows perfectly his face and knows how to take the maximum advantage of it. Is a girl who seeks to be always beautiful, somewhat narcissistic, and loves to be the center of attention. Also enjoy that you call it cuteness.

Criticism of gastronomy

foto de aros de cebolla y catsup

All your photos are about food, their culinary creations, cakes that are nice and up to your breakfast. Look at the art that involves mounting a dish so beautiful, she loves to eat and that’s why plasma each meal, not to forget the pleasure that caused him to devour.

Video blogs in couple

pareja besandose

His account is full of photos as a couple, you don’t have any in the that is single because he wants to show how much she loves her beau, and vice versa. She’s afraid to stay alone and needs to reinforce the feeling that it is loved and valued. It is also a little dependent.

It girl; a muse of photographers

chica modelo elizabeth wheeland

This girl is very pretty and your main hobby is being a model for her photographer friends. Has photos on all sides and in all looks perfect, as if he pose for Vogue. To this we must add a thousand selfies, belfies and things like that, that prove that you have a narcissistic personality disorder and love herself.

Tips for pets

chica que ama a su perro husky anuko

This girl just upload photos of your pets, whether cats, dogs, hamsters, or your parakeet’s favorite. He likes sharing all that you do, simply because he loves you. It is a little introverted and has trouble interacting, but he has a big heart.

Tutorials illustration

ilustradora carmen saldana

All your images are drawings that she does, from sketches to beautiful paintings. Seeks to ensure that its work is recognized and admired. Are girls creative and empathetic look at the small details and have a select group of friends.