15 Looks of graduation for all type of girl; even for those who prefer pants!

Prom night is the most awaited by all the students, because on that day they can afford to look as radiant movie stars or romantic princesses from fairy tales. It is a delight to spend a couple of hours in the beauty salon, watching how you make it with care and comb your hair to get you as a precious doll.

The complex part is to choose the right attire for this important event. It should be one that is compatible with your personality, that is full of glamour and that is not equal to that of the rest of your companions. Below, a gallery of dresses for all tastes. We hope that you will serve as an inspiration for that magical night.

1. To the girls romantic, flowers and skirt of silk

Vestido de graduación con flores en color piel

2. It is the brightest star of the night

vestido dorado super glam

3. The red will make you look sexy and more if you have an opening in the leg

vestido de graduación rojo con escote corazón

4. The fabrics calculus will make you look unique

chica con vestido de graduación iridiscente

5. If you don’t like dresses, try a jumpsuit sequin

jumpsuit colorido

6. Choose a texture interesting and glamorous

vestido blanco con textura intersante

7. For girls dreamgirls

vestido de estrellitas

8. Try a double opening in the skirt to show off ultrasensual

vestido negro con aberturas

9. A design that will accentuate your curves

vestido brugundy de sirena

10. The necklines in the back will make you look seductive

vestido de graduacion con super escote en la espalda

11. Leave them with the mouth open with a close-fitting dress golden

vestido dorado entallado

12. A court princess style hindu

vestido estilo hindú

13. A style vintage 50’s

vestido blanco asimetrico vintage

14. I know the star of the night with a bright skirt

vestido de graduacion dorado

15. A stylish V-neckline finished off with crystals

vestido con brillitos