13 Things you should know before the premiere of the second season of ’13 Reasons Why’

In the first season of 13 Reasons Why we are witnesses that Hannah Baker requested the help of her counselor, mr. Porter, who could not or did not want to support it. Clay Jenkins is facing a-Porter and gives you the 13 tapes that Hannah recorded before the end of his life. The statements in the trial against Liberty High School continue and Alex Standall is hospitalized and in critical condition from a gunshot to the head.

Now, with the second season soon to be released, the producers have revealed the new cast and have been important advances on the story that will continue to count the life of Hannah from a totally different perspective.

1. There will be a time jump

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The series will not start from the day that Hannah commits suicide. The first chapter of the second season is to be located four months after the incident.

2. Hannah will continue to be the protagonist

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Hannah appears in various scenes, while maintaining an important role.

3. There will be a new narrator

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Hannah will tell what happens in each chapter. Now those who tell will be responsible for playing out past events and how they impacted on their lives.

4. Goodbye to audio tapes

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Now one more element of technology that play an important role.

5. Their peers will have a voice

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Every story has more than one version. The first part was from the life of Hannah from the point of view of Clay, mainly. Now there will be space for the rest to tell his truth.

6. Do a second Hannah?

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Hannah will no longer be the sweet girl, and unsafe, to show a new facet.

7. Hannah and Clay will not be together

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This second season will have a reality completely different to both.

8. The story of Jessica will be paramount

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The life of Jessica and her rape are terrible, but in the first season not had the limelight enough. In this second part, we will detail your character.

9. The difference between women and men

Escena de la serie 13 Reasons Why

In a spoiler on Twitter, Netflix revealed that the second season will be about how society raises children to become adults and how it does it with girls to be women in our culture.

10. We’re new characters!

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Cyrus, Mackenzie, Jackie, Chloe, Rick, Nina and Sonya. They will all be in the second season.

11. It will be a season more enjoyable

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Even though it will be full of mysteries, the producers claim that the worst part has already happened.

12. Best of all…

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We will have answers to all our questions.

13. Could there be a third season

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The producers are so convinced that the public will want to see more, you have already started the talks for one more season.