14 Phrases of Samantha Jones who are the bible of a woman who loves TOO

Sex and the City is an encyclopedia of knowledge female. Over six seasons, develop themes that identify us as women, because all we experience love, we asked about sexual relationships and professional growth. All this spiced by the personalities of the four protagonists.

On this occasion we wanted to focus on the girl more courageous, outgoing and fun: Samantha Jones, who not only makes us laugh but also has left us valuable lessons that we can apply in our life. Because, let’s be honest, we all have a devil inside that wants to experience the most crazy fantasies.

1. I love you to yourself above all!

Amate a ti misma

2. Do not wait for the prince

Frases de Samantha Jones

3. Relationships are more simple than they seem

Lecciones de Samantha Jones sobre relaciones

4. Dress up as you like

Vistete como te guste frases de SAMANTHA JONES

5. A little bit of narcissism reinforces your self-esteem

Lecciones de Samantha Jones para vivir la vida

6. Forget about the stereotypes

Lecciones de vida de samantha jones

7. Let go of any negative comments

samantha jones frases

8. There are two types of men

Samantha Jones lecciones de vida

9. There are so many souls like fish in the sea

Frases de Samantha Jones para vivir la vida loca

10. Agree to your evil side

Frases de Samantha Jones

11. Remember: you are free and independent

samantha jones mujer empoderada

12. Age is just a number

samantha jones frases

13. When you ask for advice, be sincere to all

Sabiduría de Samantha Jones

14. Sometimes it’s good to stop thinking

Sabiduría de Samantha Jones

15. Do what you need to do

Sabiduría de Samantha Jones